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STV Racking

STV Racking™ Table Top & Storage Mounts

STV Racking™ Table Top & Storage Mounts

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Do you find yourself needing more horizontal space on the job site? Whether it is to set your tools down or your supplies, STV Racking has a one-stop-shop solution for you!

Introducing our STV Table Top and Storage Mounts!

A single piece of 3/4" UV Birch plywood (with the option of being smooth or 20mm dog holes) provides the perfect horizontal working space you need. With the included STV Feet,™ the top will connect to the top Packout toolbox in your stack. We have added two additional Feet locations so you can have two stacks of Packout and use the top to span between them. You will need to order another set of STV Feet™. Keeping your table and contents nice and secure. When you are done, remove it from the top Packout toolbox and slide it into the CNC-milled HDPE holders on the side of the tower.

The FULL kit includes:

  • 3/4" UV Birch Top (47" x 16.25")
  • 4 STV Feet™ (with screws)
  • 4 HDPE Storage Brackets (very strong and durable)
    • 2 Tops
    • 2 Bottoms
    • 8 Screws to secure brackets to Packout corner posts

You can also buy everything without the Top and provide your own working platform.

 If you have any questions, please use the contact us page or shoot us an email stvracking(at)

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