So I decided to fix it and design a solution for my trailer. I came up with the STV Racking. I wanted the solution to be simple and effective. The system has saved me so much time in accessing my tools and getting them to put away at the end of the day or installation. The Packout system is excellent from going to the shop to the trailer or the trailer to the job site but the STV Racking is excellent in storing them in the shop, trailer, or a van. Pull out the tray that your box is setting on and open it up and grab the tool or take the box with you.

After installation and using the STV Racking for half a year, I made small improvements here and there in my design and posted on Social Media. It took off like wildfire. I created a system for ordering and I am still developing a system to fulfill the orders but that will be an ongoing improvement process.Thank you for checking out STV Racking. If you need anything custom for your specific need, please send us an email at