• FNW Electrical

    Absolutely crispy van layout!

  • Boulder Renovations LLC

    New Jersey

  • Matt Krusen

    Fargo, North Dakota

  • JCH Cabinetry

    Charleston, South Carolina

  • @Milwauke_Tool_Addict


  • MCL Carpentry

    Philadelphia, PA

  • Patrick Delaney

    Instagram Handle: @Pd3ll

  • STV Racking Mobile Cart

    This cart is used in our production shop. We actually have a couple of them for various tasks within the shop. The Pull-Out Tray is the product being shown in this picture. The horizontal space is so invaluable on the job-site. Whether it is placing tools, materials, or hardware, the Pull-Out Tray is the perfect solution for a variety of applications.

  • Superior Plumbing - Fargo, ND

    A beautiful trailer build. Well organized and lit with LED lighting. The ample drawers provide a great location for various plumbing supplies.

  • Superior Plumbing - Fargo, ND

    Another great angle of this trailer build. A sneak peak at the plumbing supplies in the STV Racking drawers. They are utilizing the included dividers to seperate the different parts and components.

  • Lorusso Contracting Group

    Steve's setup shows the versatility with the STV Racking system. Dewalt Tough System, Festool Systainers, and Standly TStack all mixed and matched. Don't forget the drawers!

  • STV on Broadway!

  • Devin Durbin

    Pair text with an image to focus on Using standard STV components, Devin also added his own flare using some OSB to add some side ridgidity and top storage.

  • Bomba Builders

    Using STV Racking towers and components but also building out the rest of his trailer.

  • Garrett Safford - Crafted Dynamics

    Just one side of his box truck, he has a ton of Packout and a beautiful STV Racking setup!

  • Garrett Safford - Crafted Dynamics

    The front of his box truck. He dedicated an entire tower to his battery charging station. Look at how clean and organized that is! Oh, and he has LED's in the charging tower... sexy!

  • Mike Caballero

    A guy dedicated to continuous improvement! His van is an organized money making machine! And he is always looking at improving.

  • Andy


    One of our rare Ridgid customers but he has been a phenominal customer and has provided valuable feedback during the early stages of STV Racking. Because of Andy, our system has continuously improved! We are still not done! We love constructive feedback!

  • FNW Electrical

    The other side of his van!

  • BLU-J Marine Electronics


    Jack Kohut was in need of some organizing. He fell in love with STV Racking and worked with Andy to come up with a great layout and utilization of the space. Marine electronics use small fasteners and connectors. It was importact we packed as many compactor organizers as possible.

    The results speak for themselves!

“As someone who is always looking for the next best thing when it comes to organizing my tools, I came across Andy and STV racking on Etsy. Initially, I wasn't sure, the product looked amazing but I had a few questions that I needed to be answered before I could make my purchase and I’ve had trouble in the past dealing with other sellers. I submitted the questions through Etsy and not only did I get a lightning-quick response I received a direct text message from Andy within hours. This is a level of service you don’t often see dealing with some of the online sellers. But it did not stop there, Andy walked me through the entire purchase process and was able to put together a custom invoice outside of his online sales portal as the Racking system combination I needed wasn't set up on his website and he wanted to make sure I was charged a fair price. To say this was the best service I’ve ever received through an online retailer would be an understatement. Once the system arrived again I had a few questions and Again Andy was right there to make sure everything assembled properly. He is extremely honest, professional, knowledgeable, and just genuinely cares about his product and his customers. I absolutely look forward to doing future business with Andy and STV racking and I have already recommended him to several friends and family members.”

Patrick Delaney

  • Dustin Rokicki - OKC

  • Matt Burris

    Universal Tool Holder (Broom on the ceiling) and our Cable Kit for the Milwaukee Packout Hand Truck.“STV Racking couldn’t have made it any easier. The Cable Kit was installed within 5 minutes. Highly recommend for anyone with the Milwaukee Handcart!”

  • Kevin Sterner - Sterner & Sterner Construction - York, PA

    Kevin purchased our Shark-Loc and Torpedo Dock kits and built his own cabinets. This is a great example of using STV Racking components while saving money by building your own cabinets. He also beefed up the Shark-Loc system by adding metal plates to the cabinet side and drawer sides.

  • Ben Miller

    Hey I just wanted to thank you again for all your help and quality work.  I installed my custom shelving the other day and I love it.  I was really impressed with your willingness to do this job.  When I sent an email I was really only expecting a reply email and was pleasantly surprised with a phone call and a good conversation about what I needed.  It is so hard to get anyone to return calls try these days, again super impressed with your customer service.  Thanks again I will recommend your product and so off what I have to anyone that I know who needs something similar. Ben Miller

  • STV Racking Production Shop

    We use our own Racking in our shop! This is a space under one of our utilities tables that we use for various tasks. This picture is a great example of the versatility of the system. Also, the Torpedo Dock being able to be mounted in a vertical manner.

  • Jason Urbanski

    A home for everything and everything in its home!

  • Jeff Swihart

  • Maione Plumbing

    Using some extra STV Racking trays and Torpedo Dock, a nifty shop cart was born!

  • STV Racking Shop

    This is the other side of our Utility table. This stores our Systainers and is absolutely a time saver when we need to access these tools. We simply pull out the tray and open the Systainer and grab the tools. No need to fuss with the case!

  • RPI Homes

    With some new Packout containers come a new STV Racking storage solution. RPI Homes have taken the next step in organizing their van!

  • Ryan Carlson

    This gentleman took our standard tower (custom height) and he customized it to get the tower to hold even more! I believe this is for his small electronic components.

  • Andy Glass Garage

    STV Racking is a great garage organzation solution too!

  • Brian George


  • Maione Plumbing

  • Custom Trailer build in South Carolina

  • Kevin Gabriel Muñoz

  • Zachary Starks

    Utilizing two STV Racking Towers in the front of his trailer and one in the back, Zachary is loving the organization and efficiency of the STV Racking system.

  • Stefan Barnas

    A strategically designed setup is a perfect back stage STV Racking solution for Stafan. He is working backstage at the most prestegious plays in the world. Broadway in New York City.

Winfrey Plumbing

Omaha - Nebraska

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  • Left Side

    On the left, Phil decided a workbench area would be extremely beneficial to him and his crew. Pairing that with the ample 6" drawers and the deep organizer, they should have everything in arms reach

  • Left Side - View 2.0

    With this second view, you can really see the thick 1.5" workbench top that will give them a solid surface to complete their daily tasks

  • Right Side

    On the right side, we focused on storing larger tools and supplies. With a bunch of 12" drawers (all with dividers), the crew can stay organized.