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Shark-Loc™ - For DIY Drawer

Shark-Loc™ - For DIY Drawer

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If you have made drawers for your Trailer or Van and are struggling to keep them shut, this product is for you.

We created the Shark-Loc to keep trays, drawers, and other pull-out units that use side-mounted drawer slides. The Shark-Loc system for drawers is even easier than the trays. Which are pretty simple themselves. The Shark-Loc arm mounts to a 5mm hole that is drilled into the side. The stud is attached to the drawer and only screwed in so there is approximately 7/16" sticking out.

Using the vertical adjustment slot in the drawer slide allows you to tune the stud location by moving the drawer up or down on the slide hardware.

Stressing the install? Don't! We include one 1/8" plywood marking template with each order that locates the 5mm hole for the Shark-Loc arm and the location for the stud that goes into the drawer side.

Extremely simple! Check out the pictures to see the template.

Install template orientation Instructions will be included.


  • Shark-Loc Arm

  • 1 - 5mm system screw

  • *One installation template with each order


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