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STV Racking

STV Pull-Out Tray

STV Pull-Out Tray

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The STV Racking Pull-Out Tray is a simple but extremely handy asset on the job site or in the shop. Whether you are grabbing tools, bits, accessories, or hardware, you only have two hands. You can quickly pull out the fully extendable tray, set your tools or screws down and continue doing what you need to get done.

With the STV Feet on the bottom, the unit is fully secured to the Packout unit below. Want to put another Packout container on top? No sweat! With the STV Torpedo Dock, you can put another drawer unit or any other Packout-compatible case.

The CUSTOMER ASSEMBLED kit includes:

  • UV Birch Plywood parts

  • 4 STV Feet (Black or White)

  • 1 Torpedo Dock Kit (Black or White)

  • All the necessary screws to secure everything

  • One set of drawer slides

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