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STV Racking

STV Racking™ Packout™ Cup Mount

STV Racking™ Packout™ Cup Mount

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Routing Template?
Off-Brand Adapter

Wouldn't it be awesome to use your Packout Cup when you are not around your stack of Packouts? STV Racking has you covered! We have created a sexy HDPE mount for your Packout Cup. You can screw it to almost any surface! From your lawn mower, tractor, desk, or coffee table (babies and toddlers, if you know. You know).

If you want to get even fancier, you can purchase our routing template to route a pocket to mount it flush with your surface. The template comes with screw holes but if you don't want to have visible holes after you remove the template, you can use double-sided tape.

The adapter is the perfect solution to put on the bottom of your non-Packout cup. Whether it is a Yeti or a HydroFlask, secure it to the bottom of your cup. We suggest high-quality glue.

The adapter will only work with the STV Packout Cup Mount.

If you have any questions, please email us via the "Contact Us" form.

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