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STV Racking

STV Racking™ Packout™ Crate Extension

STV Racking™ Packout™ Crate Extension

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Introducing the Milwaukee Packout Crate with STV Racking™ Crate Extension and Mini Torpedo Dock Sets! Upgrade your tool storage system with this innovative solution that maximizes the benefits of the Packout system.

Designed to enhance your Packout experience, the STV Racking™ Crate Extension provides an additional 5" of storage capacity, ensuring you can fully utilize the Packout's convenient click-together feature. Say goodbye to the frustration of overfilled crates preventing you from connecting more Packout containers on top. With the Crate Extension's secure friction fit to the bottom crate and the satisfying locking click to any Packout container placed above, you can seamlessly expand your storage options.

To further optimize your organization, we include two sets of our STV Racking™ Mini Torpedo Dock sets. These versatile docking sets enable you to hang either a full-width or two half-width Packouts on both the front and the back, giving you even more flexibility in arranging your tools and supplies.

Upgrade your tool storage game with the Milwaukee Packout Crate, STV Racking™ Crate Extension, and Mini Torpedo Dock Sets. Experience enhanced storage capacity, seamless connections, and efficient organization like never before.

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